113 Foxfield St

Hamilton, Montana 59840


100 year old basket sits in front of a modern day Dry Clean machine.  The basket is one of the few remaining items still utilized today.

Bitter Root Steam Laundry employees work with the boiler tender at around 1910.

Bitter Root Steam Laundry when it was located on the corner of 1st and Main in 1908.

Hamilton Laundry's first location on South Second at Legion Park Site.

Bitter Root Steam Laundry when it was located on the corner of 1st and Main in 1908.

Valley Cleaners 1975 closed bath dry cleaning machine.

Valley Cleaners dryer on left.  Open bath dry cleaning machine circa 1965 

Valley Cleaners late 1930's Ford Deluxe delivery vehicle.

Employees at the original Bitter Root Steam Laundry at First and Main Street work under the newly installed electric lights in 1910.

Bitter Root Laundry & Cleaners is family owned and operated, and is proud to be one of the oldest companies to service the Bitterroot Valley as well as much of Montana. 

A company rich in history, was founded in 1902, the business has since known only five owners. 


  • Hamilton Laundry was founded by the Erickson Family


  • Charles Hartley started Hamilton's first steam laundry, Located on South 2nd Street and named it Bitter Root Steam Laundry.


  • Hartley built a new two-story brick building on the corner of First and Main. (currently occupied by First Security Bank).


  • Hartley sold the business to Glenn Mitchell for $15,300.


  • Mitchell moved the laundry to 111 South 3rd Street.


  • Mitchell sold the business to Mac Reynolds.


  • Ron and Laura Ehli purchased the business from Reynolds.


  • Ron and Laura purchased Valley Cleaners from Lee Tricky and renamed it Bitter Root Cleaners.


  • Ron and Laura opened EASI Cleaners and Fast & Fluffy at 115 Pine Street.


  • Ron and Laura bought Value-Plus Warehouse, a 16,000 sq. ft. building and moved Bitter Root Laundry and Cleaners to its current location at 113 Foxfield Street.  

About Our Company

Bitter Root Steam Laundry Van used by Glenn Mitchell. Why he was parked in the woods.....no one knows!